Honda Accord Hybrid Car

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Product Specification:

Max Torque 175 @ 4000
transmission Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT)
model accord hybrid

Product Description:

A Higher BreedWelcome to the League of ExtraordinaryWhen Honda builds a hybrid, you''ve got to be...
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Product Specification:

Max Torque 175 @ 4000
transmission Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT)
model accord hybrid

Product Description:

A Higher Breed
Welcome to the League of Extraordinary

When Honda builds a hybrid, you''ve got to be sure it’s a marvel. And an Accord Hybrid is when technology surpasses the known and takes a leap of faith into tomorrow. This is the next generation Accord, the ninth generation to be precise. that will define a new balance it brings to the world. A power lord at its heart. A revolutionary in its soul. A change leader in its actions. The sport hybrid ‘lntelligent Multi-Mode Drive‘ (i-MMD) in the all-new Accord Hybrid is a cutting edge Honda-developed powertrain. This advanced hybrid powertrain belongs to the Earth Dreams Technology series, combining enjoyable driving with outstanding fuel economy. Welcome to the league of extraordinary.

The Shape of Genius

Every curve a stroke of beauty. Every line an act of balance and movement. The Accord has always been sculpted to breakthrough and create a masterpiece of classic design. Its road presence is craft.

Comfortably Thrilling

This is the hallmark of a technology leader, one who can seamlessly blend luxury and craftsmanship into the engineering. Human comfort can never take the backseat, in fact everything is designed around the driving experience. The perfection of leather, the premium wood finish, the ultra-luxurious spacious cabin with a host of convenience features, all come together to create an in-car atmosphere that rivals a luxury lounge. Because the Accord Hybrid’s technology is what leads the world and its luxury is what leads the heart.

The Cabin is my Oyster

Settle into sophistication. A unique in-cabin experience that only a Honda Accord Hybrid can evoke is waiting for you. Innovative technology meets elegant design, making the new Honda Accord Hybrid one of the most amazing feelings. Forget having to tinker with AC controls as the i-Dual Zone automatic climate control system not only creates independent left and right temperature zones but can also judge the sun direction and strength to adjust temperature and air volume automatically. And to top it off, do all of this and more without having to take your hands off the wheels, thanks to the multi-functional leather wrapped steering wheel with mounted controls.

Earth dreams® Technology

The power of Honda is derived from its expertly crafted, technologically advanced and innovative powertrain. The new Honda Accord Hybrid features the ‘InteIIigent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD), a two-motor hybrid powertrain working with 2.oL Atkinson Cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine, Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) consisting of a Li-Ion battery pack, controlled and managed by an intelligent power control unit. This refined and sophisticated system makes Honda Accord the ultimate hybrid with more power and fuel efficiency. Together, with a peak combined output of 215 PS and a fuel economy of 23.1 km/I, the Accord Hybrid will be at the top of its class.


Revel In Your World

The world in a swipe, tap or pinch. The Honda Accord Hybrid offers you an intuitive high definition touchscreen display system. Equipped with a satellite-linked navigation system, an in-built Wifi receiver for internet browsing and infotainment features, it lets you get to your destination in one smooth drive. The premium audio system with subwoofers and tweeters makes your favourite music even more enjoyable. You can also seamlessly connect it to your smartphone to make hands-free calls and more while focusing completely on the road ahead.

Safety. Evolved.

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Kaizen Auto - Exporter of custom made casting parts for automobile and, industrial engine & cylinder liners, in Rajkot, Gujarat.
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